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A safe place for all your files

Worst case scenario? Restore from backup.

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Feel safe with us!

V.L.Toolbox Express Computer Solutions has Online Data Backup Service agreements with several organizations from a cross-section of market segments. V.L.Toolbox Express Computer Solutions aggressive pricing and support plans have allowed companies which were previously locked out of the remote data backup market to take advantage of this important service.

“We have seen a marked increase in licensing activity by larger, more established organizations,” said Vasilis Leontiou, V.L.Toolbox Express Computer Solutions Managing Director , “Our solution has proven to be a real life-saver for organizations of all sizes, and allows them to rest assured that their data is safe regardless of what happens at their office locations”

Never worry about your data again

VLToolbox Backup Solutions - Veeam


Datavault insures that your virtual machine’s are reliably and automatically backed up and securely stored off site.

• Hosted offsite backups

• A modern backup architecture

• 7 day retention

• End-to-end encryption

VLToolbox Backup Solutions - RBS

What we offer

• RBS insures that your files are reliably and automatically
backed up every day and securely stored off site.

• Our special software on your system will
perform this service on schedule automatically.

• Your automatic backups will be scheduled
for times when your server is not in use.

• There’s nothing you have to do…
You don’t even have to be there!

VLToolbox Backup Solutions - Veeam

Product Feature

• OffsiteDataSync

• Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™

• Availability for all applications and data 24/7/365

• High-Speed Recovery

• Data Loss Avoidance

• Verified Recoverability

• Leveraged Data

• Complete Visibility

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“In a business-critical IT environment, you need to be sure you can get help quickly from experienced engineers who can keep your environment operational at all times”
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