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What is Phishing? 

Phishing is the fraudulent act of using email, websites and social media platforms to contact people with the intent of deceiving them into revealing personal or confidential information as well as steal money from them. Phishing is a problem for us all and attacks such as these are being reported daily by IT professionals. Thus, within the context of updates that we as a company post to raise awareness among our clients and friends about security, this month we will be going through some basics that can help you avoid phishing scams.

Thinking before clicking

● While browsing any website do not click on random links or pop ups.

● In your mailbox do not click on any links that appear in emails from unknown sources. These emails can appear legitimate, if you are not expecting these emails do not open them.

Examples of websites that can be deceitful

I. instead of

II. instead of

III. instead of

Simple but effective ways of validating a website’s legitimacy

● Make sure that its URL starts with ‘’ https://’’. In addition, there should be a lock icon displayed on the left of the URL.

● Instead of clicking on the link you can simply hover your mouse over it and its URL should appear at which point you can manually type it in


If a website is asking for your password and when entering it instead of **** you can see the actual character that you have entered, you should contact the website’s help team as it is suspicious.

As a general rule you must never share personal or sensitive information through the internet, especially to links that originate from unknown or untrustworthy sources.

If the above article is taken into consideration and is applied on your browsing experience you can enjoy it safely.

Vasilis Leontiou

Managing Director

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